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About  Us

A horse drawn carriage ride is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, Australia.


Let time slow down while you sit back in comfort and relax to the meditative sounds of hoof beats and the sounds of the Australian countryside.  Perhaps stop for a classic old-world picnic?


Now retired I am combining my love of vintage fashions, slow living, picnicking and horses in this micro business located near Woodend.


The high elevation of the Macedon Ranges (526m and up) provides glorious views across rolling pasture land, bush and forest land and geological wonders including Hanging Rock, Mount Macedon, Camel's Hump and the Jim Jims. 


While elevation is high and the views magnificent, the roads are largely flat making them ideal for horse drawn vehicles.

I have an authentic 1890s 'canoe front buggy wagonette' - of the 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' era - and a larger wagon with canopy which seats up to 6 average size adult passengers. All seats have back rests and are padded for comfort. The larger wagon is very easy to enter with two low steps and hand rails, while the buggy requires a large step up.


Children are most welcome and will love the experience of having horse Patrick take them for a ride. Afterwards they can thank Patrick with a carrot.

Well behaved dogs on leads are also welcome to come along for a ride - they love it!

Drives range from 60 minute sightseeing trips to longer scenic rides and picnics, up to half day (4 hour) winery or garden picnic drives. Prices start at $150 for a one hour  trip for up to 6 people - with cost being per hour (not per person).


Drives can be varied to suit your needs.


Food and drink can be taken on drives or I can provide a picnic hamper for additional cost which is about $30 per person.

Please contact me for a list of rides and prices.

At no extra cost I can provide picnic bling and windup gramophone on picnic drives. These look fabulous in photos and add a touch of history and romance to your outing.

Horse and carriages are also available for local weddings, photo shoots and promotions.

If you would like to learn to drive a horse yourself I can provide this experience too. Please ask for details.


We are located 60 minutes north of Melbourne with train access to Woodend or Kyneton from the city or Bendigo. Transfers may be able to be arranged

Perhaps you would like to give this experience to someone as a gift? Gift Vouchers are available.

Picnic Wagon seats 1 - 6 passengers

1890s 'canoe front buggy wagonette' seats 1 - 3 passengers

Please contact Rose for a list of trips and prices.


Short notice rides are often a possibility.



Telephone & Text:   61+ 3 0411 468 117


You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram

Price List - Summer/Autumn 2020

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在美丽的悬岩,Woodend,Carlsruhe和Newham地区,高海拔(526米)可以欣赏到马其顿山,悬岩和北黑岩的壮丽景色。 虽然海拔很高,但道路基本上是平坦的,因此非常适合马拉车(以及步行,骑马和骑自行车!)。

提供一小时或更长的野餐驱动器的短驱动器。 如果需要的话,我还可以提供复古或浪漫野餐的所有内容,包括一个真正的心情留声机! 另外,您也可以带上自己的野餐。

乘车时间从一小时到半天不等,我的工作费约为每小时150美元。 这包括租用婚礼。 老式的Abbott Buggy一次可搭载2名乘客和6名乘客的野餐车。 每人每小时30至75美元。 游乐设施完全投保。
寒冷的日子里有很多地毯供应。 长途旅行(超过一小时)您可能想要带点心和饮料,或者我可以提供额外费用。

玫瑰拉蒂默 (Rose Latimer)
电话:61+ 3 411 468 117


View of Hanging Rock, Macedon Ranges, Australia


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